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Rocio Godinez


Rocio started her career by studying tourism in her home town of Tampico. This career gave her the option in 2001 to work for the International College Program Epcot Center, and Walt Disney Wonder Cruise Line. Part of her job was creating the magic of Disney with her brushes, and transforming simple girls into real Disney princesses. 


During her time working on the cruise lines was when Rocio realized that she wanted to become a makeup artist. 




In 2003 Rocio flew to Italy to take a course in professional make-up at the Scuola Europea di Truco in Milan. During her time there Rocio also started working for M.A.C. Cosmetics and KenzoKi. To expand her experience, in the summer of 2005 Rocio travelled to Florence where she studied Theatrical make-up at the Nicla Scuola di Trucco.


Rocio returned to Mexico in 2006 and this is when she first opened her professional make-up studio in Tampico. She also started teaching in a local makeup school in the city. Because of her success, in 2007 Rocio was invited by a local newspaper to become a beauty advice consultant in the weekly article called Truco. 


In May of 2008 Rocio traveled to New York where she was able to participate in a make-up course by Billy B, the famous makeup artist who has worked with Beyonce, Pink, Madonna and many other world renowned artists. 


Rocio knows the importance of being kept up to date. So in 2010 she attended the make-up course, Trend For Ever in Paris.


Since 2013 Rocio opened her new Makeup studio in Maastricht, to share her magic with the people in the Netherlands. She continues to give Workshops in Mexico once per year.


She inspiers to learn, study and teach all of the latest makeup trends. Rocio has studied with many top artist  Samer Khouzami (2014) and Val Garland (2015).


Rocio's work is not only to perfect her technique but also to add her personal signature. You must understand the person in front of you, taking that unique essence and adding a bit of our own personality and transforming that face into a masterpiece. 


One of Rocio's favorite phrases is "in my hands you will look perfect". We all have talents and mine is certainly make-up, the art of capturing beauty, color and magic with my hands.

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